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CM Worship Radio is an Internet Radio Station that displays Gospel Music, based in Dallas, TX, USA. CM Worship Radio started as a worship leader's heart to restore a nation's music strength is supplying freedom and peace to the Christian world. With such artists as Fred Hammond, Hillsong, Karen Clark Sheard, and William Mcdowell, CM Worship Radio has created a great gospel music listening portal for the Dallas community.

The station plans to expand worldwide starting in the City of Dallas as its primary audience. As in the Christian world, CM Worship Radio hopes to offer a brotherly love to keeping the Christian families and marriages together as the they all experience life's obstacles and turns. The station hopes to keep the presence of God in these families and marriages as they leave their prospective Sunday Services and Bible Studies.

CM Worship Radio's founder is Christopher M Gray. Christopher is a graduate of Full Sail University with a Bachelor's Degree in The Science of Entertainment Business. Christopher has been in the music industry as a Singer and Professional for nearly five years, and as a musician for 12 years. Here is Christopher's welcome to the CM Worship Radio website: "I would like to extend my deepest welcomes to the CM Worship Internet Radio Portal and I hope and pray that your experience here will be greatly enjoyed, blessed, and shared to many other people in your lives. Thanks for stopping by!"


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